Our Work

How do we help investors and practitioners have impact?

The allocation of capital is a key lever of change in the capitalistic system. In order to enable the development of a sustainable financial system, CSP SG provides trainings that bridge the gap between knowledge created through our research to better decision-making in practice. This bridge is built with the help of two key stakeholder groups: private wealth owners and practitioners.

Wealth Owners
Wealth owners are uniquely positioned to catalyze sustainable development at scale. CSP SG’s trainings equip high-net-worth individuals with the technical and soft skills they need to use their assets to enable positive change. Research-based and expert-led, our programs prepare next generation wealth owners and tech entrepreneurs to turn the challenges of sustainable development into opportunities for impact.

Wealth Managers
Research conducted by CSP at the University of Zurich has highlighted the lack of capacity of wealth managers in steering capital to sustainable investing. Furthermore, development professionals are increasingly interested in merging finance streams through blended finance. The IBF-certified trainings offered by CSP SG for practitioners and professionals cover a wide thematic scope equipping professionals with the tools needed to steer private wealth toward sustainable development.

The work of CSP addresses three barriers in steering capital to impact:

  • Knowledge
  • Capabilities
  • Support networks

These barriers are addressed through:

  • Research on the key questions in sustainable finance
  • Trainings that bring research to practice
  • Engagement that amplifies the work of CSP and partners



Lack of independent data on how private wealth can be mobilized and invested for the greatest impact.



We conduct rigorous academic research, produce high-level analysis, and collect best practices on how to mobilize private wealth in order to have real-world impact.


Wealth holders and their wealth managers do not have sufficient, relevant information to take action and create the greatest impact within their portfolios.


We run training programs for wealth holders in order to fill knowledge gaps and inform decision-making.


Wealth holders face social barriers that prevent them from moving toward impact. They need strong social support systems to help them on their impact journey and connections with peer groups that inspire and encourage them.


We actively engage with the impact investing ecosystem in order to broaden our reach and to support wealth holders in acting as advocates and changemakers within their communities.

Hear from our CSP Alumni

What does CSP mean to the community of wealth owners? CSP delivers training to those who have the opportunity to pull levers for impact through investing: private wealth owners and intermediaries. In addition, we bridge the gap between private and public funds with our program on blended finance, to make impact mainstream across institutions.

Gungeet Banga IRI/CSP Zurich Cohort '20-'21

When I came to the program I had a wishy-washy approach, and a lot was in the air. Now I'm more structured and am able to implement, also beyond investments like social policies in our company.

Fernando Scodro CSP Zurich Cohort '15-'16

The concept of impact investing has sparked an interest in my family and is motivating people who were not part of the investment decision process to join the conversation. The practical applications of the program enabled me to start a conflict-free discussion about the family fund, and to start a process to review the impact of our assets and steer them towards investments that are more aligned with our values.

Emma Zhang IRI/CSP Zurich Cohort '20-'21

CSP's programming and community are impressive for the breadth, depth, and quality of people and ideas. Most importantly, they have created a space for meaningful and productive conversations around the intersection of sustainability and finance, which is crucial in driving positive impact and driving change. It has been an amazing resource for our family's impact investment journey.

Sheng Yang Eer IRI/CSP Zurich Cohort '18-'19 and CSP SG Board Member

The IRI/CP program has opened my eyes to a space which is far larger than I thought. The connections made during the program enabled me to source my family's first impact investment in a plant-based food fund. These have been the first investments not introduced to us by a bank. Furthermore, the framework for making investment introduced in the course gave me greater confidence to make the decision to successfully invest in several other ESG and impact funds.